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  1. Hey everyone, we all know that the internet can be a mean and spiteful place at times, especially at places like 4chan, reddit, or Youtube. But, I was browsing through IMGUR today and found a really cool story. Some anon 4chan user stumbled, somehow, across a Youtube channel being run by a vlogger named colin mccooey. He's posted 130 videos and had almost no views on any of his videos. The thing is, colin mccooey has a rather severe disability that inhibits speech and movement (if someone could identify the exact disability that would be great, I didn't want to guess). Anyways, in an unusually kind gesture, 4chan decided to help this guy out. In the last few hours, the one particular video chosen, which is an hour plus long live DJ mix, has received almost 10,000 views, 2,000 thumbs up, and 1,000 comments. This was posted to Imgur, and to reddit as well I assume, and those communities have banded together. I figured that since we already have a typically nice community, why couldn't we contribute as well, small though we may be when compared to some of the internet giants.

    So, check out the links I'll post at the bottom, and leave a like, comment, or a view on this guy's video. I find it really inspiring that despite a disability that should crush any dreams of vlogging / DJing, colin mccooey is still giving everything he's got. Also, I'll probably bump this tomorrow since N. America is asleep currently.

    And, for the heck of it, if you've found any other stories of the internet pulling off something really cool or inspiring by working together, feel free to post that here as well :)

    TL;DR - 4chan helps out disabled youtuber, click links

    YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuAM02GGdGU
    IMGUR post: (note, may be profanity in comments) http://imgur.com/gallery/5mIN
  2. It's goo to know that people on the deepest corners of the Internet can come together to do something like this!
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