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  1. I was bored of studying, so I downloaded Hearthstone. I played the tutorial, played a couple of matches against AI, and then played four regular matches -- I won three and lost one. I haven't used any class but the mage, and I haven't changed any cards in my deck. I never get into these games, because deck building seems intimidating; this problem seems even worse here with all the classes.

    I'm not really sure what to do now. I know I should probably play through the rest of the AI stuff, but I'm not sure what class (or classes) I should focus on leveling right now. So any tips on the classes -- what each of them are, how to build their decks, etc.? Any general tips for someone getting started? Any help would be appreciated.

    And you can use this thread to discuss Hearthstone in general, if you so desire.
  2. here is a good idea, I am fairly experienced with hearthstone as I am a coordinator and strategist by trade

    a few things to do:
    MAKE A SHAMAN DECK! those decks are WAY overpowered and it is the class I use when fighting online competitively.

    2 be sure to do all the quests you can! quests can make you gold to get decks with better items if you are a person OK with spending real money for packs you can do that to.

    3 be sure to get EVERY class and test them and see which one you like best (shaman is in my opinion the best)

    yes I have tested all the decks and shaman is the best at PvP keep in mind that shaman is used for hording strategies and/or spell spam.

    that is a few things to do to get you started!

    EDIT: more things
    for a shaman deck get spell and low mana costing units (preferably with charge or taunt)
    and building decks is a long process and I would sugest not getting into that until you understand how the units work and how to win with the staring deck.
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  3. Ah, okay. I'll go through and try out all the classes, but yeah, I'll definitely try out the shaman. Thanks!
  4. no problem
    now im going to play hearthstone lol
  5. Add me, Djkrazy, duel me :p
  6. Haha, I'll duel you when I get all of this stuff somewhat more figured out.
  7. Pro-tips: A great way to grind packs/new cards is to do the arena if you can manage 7+ wins, it is essentially free every time (you win back the gold it cost to enter after 7wins) PLUS you earn card packs and dust. LiquidHearth is a great website to check out for beginners, and most of all watch some streamers on twitch to learn the meta.

    Oh, and just like Shalom said, be sure to try out every class. :)
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  8. Very easy, find your main, level it to get cards, don't over extend...Going to play right now...
  9. Well, I've been messing around some with the classes. So far I've tried warrior, shaman, rogue, paladin, and mage. I don't really like the way the warrior and shaman play, but I think I might mess around with the rogue, paladin, and mage more.
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  10. Love the shaman XP

    My tip for beginners is the arena, a great way to understand the basics of trading, some gold if you have a good run, and some general idea on deck building.

    Also for someone starting out and maybe get a little yelled out on people who play Hearthstone is to try a Zoo Warlock deck, look up a basic one or something, but it is a really good and cheap deck to make starting out, key thing to look at the zoo warlock deck is also to look at it as a control deck and not a rushy, to the face deck. Also I assume you've done the arachnid quarter in the naxxramus expansion since it's still free, two good cards to put in a zoo deck and Nerubian egg and haunted creeper.

    If ya want to duel me, my name's simply Daemon
    and battle number's 1144 :p
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  11. I have been playing with warrior and I like how mine is set up:
    make most units either A have taunt, charge or supporters with HIGH damage (Core Hound is great for this)
    always once in later turns use your shield (I had 40 armor points because of this one game)
    all your units have Taunt so you won't be hit to much I added 2 boost a warhammer thing that adds 3 damage for 1 turn then 2 windfurys with this setup I can do 24 damage in 1 turn with core hound and the second I do 18 damage (this will end the game shortly after this is set up)

    my shaman setup: I use merlocs with a merloc oracle (I think that is the name) this gives a large boost to my merlocs early on and gives me an advantage early into the game because I have 2 merlocs that spawn a 1/1 merloc with the bost the merlocs are 2/2 and then the others the either 3/2 or 2/3 and since merlocs are easy to get early on (cost 1 to 3 mana) you can get this set up soon
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  12. Haha, nope. I've not done that at all.

    And I don't know a lot of terms for stuff. I don't know if this helps, but I have a tendency to want to keep units off the other side of the board while slowly whittling down health. The thing that I like about the paladin and mage decks is that they both seem to build over time (or at least with the way I was playing them, they do). I don't mind waiting to let some stuff kicking in.
  13. Based on your description of your play style then a zoo warlock would sound nice for you, a zoo warlock is basically getting rid of your hand by filling the board with minions and when you need a card, use your hero ability to get a card and pretty early in the game you get a lot of minions on the board that can even take down heavy minions in mid to late game if it ever comes to that.

    But from the looks of it you've grown a liking to the mage class, so I'd recommend looking up an aggro mage deck, never tried one myself, but from what I've seen of people playing it, it looks like it could fit your play style very well :D
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  14. Okay, thanks! I'll mess around with the warlock later, and I'll look up aggro mage decks once I start trying deck building.
  15. Priest is op in my opinion, holy nova for board wipe, heals all minions and having the girl will give cards. Shadow Word: Pain and Death can kill any minions that put pressure...
  16. Not to mention the situational divine spirit x2 and inner fire, all the health buff cards priest has to combo with crazy alchemist or inner fire, but it's annoying when your opponent got a minion with 4 attack you can't pain or death it XP
    Even though priest can be slow at times, it's still fun to use
  17. Mostly like every game, one minion is 4/x ;-;
  18. woooo hearthstone :D almost as good as MTG
  19. Well, it seems that since I won the early matches now I'm getting matched against people with way better decks. Guess I'll have to start worrying about deck building soon.
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  20. Unranked determines who you go up against by win/lose, mage is good and easy deck to learn, mage > priest > Rogue,Paladin,Druid (not 1-hit KO decks)