Health Potions Splash smp6 @12218

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  1. Hello I'm selling splash potions of healing II for 50r at smp6 @12218. These potions will restore 6 hearts and hurt zombies and skeletons (found that out on chimneyswift11's video) the reason is that zombies and skeletons are undead (healing the undead result in hurting them). Because of that reson they are perfect for killing them at mob farms! Anyway the main point is that I'm selling splash potions of healing II 50r smp6 @12218.

    Ps:sorry if I blabered on ;)
  2. I bought them all. Thanks :)
  3. Wow I've been trying to sell them for months do you want me to make more?
  4. Sure.
  5. I've made more come get them :)