Heads question.

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  1. I had someone tell me the only Maxarias Heads are none placeable but I've seen 2. Also my Aikar Head has blue text but not it item frames, I just seen one with white text in an item frame and I got them to place it for me and it was indeed Aikar. So are these heads fake or real? . 2014-08-20_18.34.19.png
  2. Only max head I am aware of that exists is this one http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/maxarian-head/
    Read up on it.
    Regarding the Aikar head, I would have to see it. There are a couple different versions that I am aware of, from the ppp to the pvp head, etc. Maybe talk to a 'museum' owner or someone familiar (or post screenshots of them).
  3. Okay let me crop them quick
  4. 2014-08-20_18.51.29.png
    Also none of them are shiny like the Aikar
  5. The Maxarias head is probably fake, as the only true placeable one is in krysyyjane9191's head museum. Actually, I guarantee these are either all faked or renamed with an anvil, or their names would not show up when you hovered your mouse over them. :p However, they could definitely be legitimate heads (like a krysyyjane9191 head, DP Aikar Head, etc.) just renamed.

    EDIT: Just saw your screenshot, and the Aikar head on the right is definitely renamed with an anvil, so it may be just the head of someone with an Aikar skin. :p Or a renamed DP head, of course.
  6. They just told me they are all fake, thanks for the help :D
  7. The drop party one may be legit, renaming cannot put lore on it, correct?
    Still get the opinion of someone like Faithcaster, mman2832, FDNY21. <--hope you don't mind guys...:p
    They will get you the info you seek.
  8. The drop party one is mine :D so its real. I'm friends with everyone Thanks :)