Head Trading

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  1. Hello EMC,

    As I've recently come into a few of my own head, I thought I should try and trade my own head for others.
    Instead of trying to arrange a time when we can physically trade, we will do things a bit differently.
    I have set up a few hoppers outside my first res (10398) on smp5.
    Once you have dropped off your own head in them, post in this thread where I can arrange to drop off my own head.
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  2. I can fully automate this...
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  3. How so?
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  4. Some sorting system linked to a comparator with a bit of distance between a comparator and a repeater linked to a dropper.Difficult part is getting it to sort any kind of heads and not just a certain kind.
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  5. Well, even if it could work, I hardly have the space.
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  6. It's impossible.
    Well. Sort of impossible to cheater proof it. It's possible to where I give you an item and I get your head, but players could just use dirt. Plus, you would only use a comparator to give out an item everytime it's detected in a chest.

    Anyways, onto the topic of this thread, cool idea :p Will stop by sometime and check it out (and possibly give you my head ;))
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  7. A rainbow colored head would look nice in my collection of detached craniums, I'll try to remember to drop one by soon :)
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  8. I would probably do it but I'm too lazy to take the stuff out of my inventory. Is there a dieing place on every smp?
  9. There are normally a few player mad ones of course but you will just have to ask around
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  10. ok thanks.
    btw, I know you meant made but if you read it mad it sound weird lol
  11. This reminds me a something...
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  12. Well, you have my head...sort of :p
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  13. :]
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  14. I set up an access chest for you at 9225 on smp4 with one of my heads in it if you'd like to do a swap and leave one of yours in there, that's be great :)
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  15. Thanks,
    and swapped :)
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  16. Dropped mine off :)
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  17. Dropping mine off now there is a hopper at 3999 smp2 for u to drop off
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  18. Okay, dropped off :)
    Your's is picked up, but I still need a address to drop mine off at :)
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  19. bomp
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