Head Trading

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  1. Anyone Want to do some head trading? I can get some princebee heads, if you want. Also, I can buy some.

    Want To See The Heads? Come To 14525 On SMP7!
  2. i want to trade!
  3. I can trade heads.
  4. OK, what server are you on?
  5. Will 5 work?
  6. yup :) ill be there
    My minecraft is broke, sooo...
  7. k, im back on
  8. Just Got 2 More Princebee Heads!
    Up To Trade!!
  9. I can trade you for one of my heads, I'll jump on smp7 when you see this :)
  10. I see it :) Im on, ready to trade
  11. got 2 more heads to trade!
  12. How much do heads cost? If cheap enough, I'll take 54 :p
  13. I dont have 54 :p ill pay ~100r for 1 player head, or ill trade heads with someone
  14. I want to trade :)
    Plus, if you on smp7, I can give the coords to hidden head farm I have made.