[Head Trade] QuarterStop's Head

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  1. I will be giving my head away to people if they send me their head via /mail or by dropping it off in the hoppers on /v 6006. If you mail me your head I will send you 50 rupees to cover expenses.

    Disclaimer: I will give you my head when I get a chance. However your head will be put in a chest in a line according to when I received your head. I will be mailing it to you when I get a chance.
    These heads will NOT BE SOLD, they will be placed on display at 6006.
  2. You already have my head, so I expect a Quarterstop head ;D
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  3. Can you come on 3 and show me which one is yours?
  4. i will be bringing over both of my heads, main and alt accounts
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