Head problem.

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  1. I've been reported for having someones head. This persons user is -Accused player's name Removed-.
    She said I stole it from her, but I didn't here hows I got it.
    I was playing mob arena and everyone wen't to the boss arena because we were fighting Momentus.
    Afterwards you get to go to the winners area I opened one of the chests and find her head and grab it.
    I don't like being false reported. Do you guys think I stole it?
  2. So you won the mob arena then i am guessing?
  3. No no, It was a boss battle where everyone would fight one momentous and when he has fallen they open the chests to everyone.
  4. Was this at the official staff run mob arena?
  5. O.k umm idk about that one. Send a message to JackBiggin he would tell you better then i can. But i think you should be ok, like big deal xP he died.
  6. It was run by... I think it might've been big davie.
  7. Then your in the clear it was a drop.
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  8. But she just kept threatening me saying Give it back Now! Or else I'm telling a mod
  9. Just a extra info: He's on smp1 when he gets reported
  10. It was on Smp 1.
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  12. I believe Davie hosted it.
    You are fine. She went into the battle, knowing that if she died that her head could drop, and that someone else could get it. If she didn't know that, it is her fault for not staying up to date. :)
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  13. Thank you jkjkjk :) glad that is cleared up.
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  14. Ok thanks
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