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  1. Hey all, I'm looking to get a lot of heads. Not to buy or sell, but to have 1 each of as many players as I can get to put into [preview] chests. It will hopefully be something like a head museum. I would like to have some fun with this! So instead of just giving me a head, we can go to /pvp and have it out with each other. We'll try to make sure you get one of my heads as well if you want that. Please, if you want in on this, be sure your head is turned on and give me a ring when I am in game. Or you can let me know in this thread and I'll try to look out for you. I am happy to go into fair pvp or full gear pvp. Either way.

    How many heads do you think I'll have in the end! I'll have the heads on display in my shop on smp5 upstairs at 10941. Help me get at least 10 SC's of different heads in the museum!

    For anyone who wants their head in but doesn't want to wait for pvp, I put up a hopper and chest upstairs to collect heads. Or you can mail them in.

    I'll look forward to our match in /pvp!

    Also, I really want heads from everyone. If you meet a new player and can get their head, I'll pay 200r for any heads that I don't already have.
    See you there,

    337 heads so far, but let's keep them coming! Please, if you have any extra heads of derelict or banned players and are willing to keep them with me, I would make sure they stay alive in this museum.
    AJisAwesome, Avs10, bigfoot2991, CrassJoe, DeathCupcake99, DrMadFate, DubChef, DragonHunter247, ELIMINATOR_ALDA, FoxyRavenger, FrenchToast76, KatieCutie64, kevinsiah, luckycordel, Mebninja, Mrs_Fuzzlewuzzle, Otay3931, severuex, SheeranGirl, Slytherin23, RobotHunter247, TheCherokee11, TheLivingSquid
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  2. Well, I can't sign in so... Ill donate my head once this thing with Mojang is finished. :)
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  3. Me too:D
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  4. Thank you luckycordel! Head received, but next time I want to earn it in battle! But really, thank you!
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  5. I'll shall challenge you once I get back from vacation (or have free time when your on :p)
    I too look forward to our match in pvp.
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  6. Bump. Still need a lot of heads. I've only gotten a few since I started this. I know it will take time, but let's get some heads rolling!
  7. I'll fight ya in PvP on an alt someday. Just find me online and ask. ;)
  8. This sounds like fun. I'm not much for PVP, but if it's for a good cause I could give it a shot ^_^ (especially if the goal is for me to lose, haha!)
  9. Bump. DeathPunchKitty and PenguinDJ, I'll be looking for you both soon! And thanks to everyone so far!
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  10. You know that MHF_Spider isn't an actual player head. Well... not on EMC anyway.
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  11. Thanks Gearmaster. I figured that out. Someone gave that to me and I just didn't realize what it was until I tried looking it up. LOL.
  12. Well I've never actually pvp'd >_< but I'm willing to give it a shot! Otherwise I can mail ya my head :p
  13. Kytula...either way is ok! whatever you are more comfortable with. There is also a handy hopper collector next to the museum if you just want to drop it off. Thanks!
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  14. Alright just dropped off
    1. xXCosmic_PvPXx
    2. Ilse32
    3. explodincreepeers
    4. Edison2002
    5. CaribbeanKnight
    6. and a renamed one "take that im the boss"
    I have a question though. What are the "MHF_chicken head" and such all about? I have several mob heads named like that from a d.p.
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  15. Those are mob heads :) MHF_chicken is a account owned by mojang and its textured like a chicken.
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  16. ah ok, thank you very much! I was looking for players that had those initials :p
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  17. I will check this out and I may donate my head.
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  18. I'll donate my head, anyways I'm always forgetting it everywhere :oops:.

    I'm going to searchyou in-game (on smp5, I'll try not to forgive that, thanks for the info :))

    Best wishes.

    I move between smp9 (mainly) and smp6 (often)
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