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  1. ~snip~ You may use this, but don't sell it, and don't do it AFK.
  2. I dont know if this is allowed? MOOODDSS?
  3. It says not to use mods or game bugs that give an advantage over other players. This is a macro that inputs keystrokes and mouse clicks into the game, so it's still running in the regular client with no cheating mods and it's the same as me inputting the keystrokes/mouse clicks, it's just I don't have to keep my hand on the keyboard and mouse - instead I can watch a Youtube video on my second monitor/in a window next to Minecraft.

    Still, though - we should get some admins here or something to clear this up.
  4. Only saying this due to the new AFK system and such.
  5. New AFK system?
  6. GameKribJim says it's okay as long as the player doesn't go AFK. But if I append a warning to this post and the player goes AFK while using it, does that make it my fault for providing the macro or theirs for running it while AFK, even though I specifically warned them not to?
  7. Bump - can any admins or mods answer that question?
  8. i believe its ok if your at your computer, if a staff pm's you asking if your there, you have to be able to reply or else they can kick/ban you

    EDIT: That may not be true, thats what i think the rule is
  9. How's that warning I put up at the top?
  10. Interacting with the game IS NOT ALLOWED. Bigdavie was talking about it on a thread.
  11. I don't understand the point of this Macro if you aren't AFK'ing. It's just as easy to click respawn and walk another block off of a cliff to die and repeat.
  12. Found it.
  13. The player isn't AFKing, what this macro is for is so the player can watch YouTube or something else while staying at the computer in case staff PM you.
  14. In case you cannot reply then it is an offense.
  15. Of course - and watching a YouTube video != not being able to reply.
  16. You may use this, but may not sell it.
  17. Can he sell an instruction book like the people who sell infinite villager guides?
  18. I'd say no. If individuals want to research macro usage, let them do it on their own. He may be able to sell the "suicide booth" building service, though, since there's nothing automated about that part,but that's just my opinion. Better to message an admin directly to ask.
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  19. AutoHotKey can send commands to a non-active window (background window)? I didn't know that.

    I doubt Aikar wants people automating their game, whether they are at the keyboard or not. I think the only reason they'd 'allow' it is because there's no sure way to know if someone is macroing or not. :) You'll probably find this thread locked/removed. lol

    I also don't think Aikar/staff will allow the selling of out-side game things for in-game rupees. Simply because it's so easy to scam, and staff cannot monitor it.

    If staff come in and say you can use macros, I'll write one to do everything for me with a pause button for whenever i need it.

    (I had fun using the Voxelbox's Macro/keybind mod on their server. I completely automated the mining process. I just set a range of values (100 x 100 area 3 blocks high) and sat back and watched myself mine it out, place torches, block lava and auto-kill mobs. The only drawback was that i then had to macro xp grinding to repair the pics/spades because I went through them so dang fast! lol )

    So anyway, pretty sure macros's are a NO.
  20. How? O.0
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