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  1. Hey guys. (F.Y.I My BROTHER is typing these messages I tell him what to say, this is to people who think I'm faking just to get appraisal.) Anyway, I should be able to be back on EMC maybe 1 month after surgery. And also, thanks SO much to Ark_Warrior1 for starting a Welcome back fund for me! And, I will be having a GIANT drop party with MANY awesome items once I get back online. I have loved my brother to read me messages of the kind, nice things you guys say about me. That makes me so happy, and I love EVERYBODY on EMC. I am just giving credit where credit is due. You guys are so amazing, and so awesome. That's what this party will be for. Everybody on EMC will be invited, and gonna try to get staff members to sponsor it. Once again, thanks to everybody on EMC with their kind messages, it helps get me through. I can't imagine Minecraft without EMC. Minecraft would have no purpose. Thanks to Ark_Warrior1 and Everybody else to help get me through! And guys, you don't have to give me anything. I like you guys with or without gifts. So, I will be back. But until then,
    Stephen Timothy Smith, A.K.A Dead_On_Justice, Signing off.
  2. Good luck in the surgey o.o
    It'll be great to have you back!

    I'd also like to thank your brother c:
    For reading the messages and typing for you
    He must be so dedicated to help you with this
  3. Good luck on Saturday! I hope all will go well!
    Even though I haven't talked that much to you before, I'm glad we're part of the same awesome community that we both love! So here's love and care from one member to another, and hoping for the best :)
    I'll be looking forward to the giant party :D Until then, rest well so you recover quickly!
  4. Good luck! Hopefully you'll be back soon!
  5. My friend had a severe head concussion when she was hit by a car. She had a surgery and she is fine now. Hope it goes well!
  6. Good luck my old friend,I hope you get back to EMC as soon as possible. Also after your drop party I will give a surprise( I know you love my surprises :D)
  7. Thanks, guys. It's possible, but a 20 in 100 chance I might be able to be on after the surgery. I called my doctor and moved the surgery to tomorrow, and I will MAYBE be on sunday... probably not though
  8. Good Luck from Paraguay :D
  9. Good luck on your surgery! Get well soon! Also, thanks to your brother.
  10. Best Of luck, from your friend In Canada :)
  11. I am very sorry to hear that this has happened to you. Best of luck with the surgery though! Everything will go great! Can't wait to see you come back on after you're all healthy again!
  12. I've had a concussion before, it wasn't the best thing in the world.. I know how you feel, and I had a major concussion also. Good luck! :)
  13. I got hit in the head with a baseball and the seams made marks on my head and started to bleed along them, but I do not think it was a concussion. Honestly I was surprised though. Good luck on recovery, I know concussions are very dangerous. What is the surgery doing exactly?
  14. Guys... this is Dead's brother. He isn't telling me what to say... Good news and bad news. Good news is the surgery went good... kind of. Bad news is, they must've have hit something in his head because he isn't waking up. He BARELY has a pulse, and he might not make it. I'll give updates when I can. ~Dead's brother
  15. <3 Tell him we hope he makes it :)
  16. Oh dear, that doesn't sound good.. I wish him best of luck!
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  17. Best of luck to him - stay positive :) and good luck from Western Australia xo
  18. Good luck my thought shall be with you
  19. Goodluck! Hope it works out.
  20. Good luck :). Hope you come out on top Justice :D