Head Call! Sell me my head for 10k!

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  1. Hello EMC. In the interest of time, I will keep this short. I am wondering if any of you have or know the location of my head. Anyone who sells me my head will get 10k. Anyone who tells me a player who has my head (must be verified) will get 2k for their troubles.

    You can also get 2k if you have one and decide not to sell, just let me know.

    Contact me at pm.emc.gs/PenguinDJ

    Also, 0 known Penguin heads are in existance, and I'd like to keep it that way. They also are worth nothing.
  2. Funny that this just came up with the other article discussing player heads. :)
  3. I have wanted to create this thread for a while; that other thread was a trigger.
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  4. Yay I helpe you pushing to do this :D,
    that is also worth 2K, isnt it? :p
  5. It's that lump on top of your neck. :p
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  6. i had one of yours i sold it in my massive player head auction i think olaf_c won it i dont remember tho
  7. If you find it, I'll be more than happy to take it back... I suppose if you find it I could spare a little more than 10k (promo)...