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  1. i cant give people mony
  2. Maybe you should have read the guide and not guessed on the tutorial...
  3. ..... Um Is this that your greedy of giving people money or You want to know how?.. The command is

    /pay ( Players name ) (Amount of money)

    Now I dont think im sure. Hopefully some1 will correct me if im wrong.
  4. no it says i actually cant
  5. so you do a /r pay [name] [amount]
    and it tells you you can't?
  6. it says you cant do this contact empire mincraft if u think this is an error
  7. you do /rupees pay (name) (amount)
    take a way the perenthisis
  8. Are you trying to give more money than you have? Because that isn't possible..
  9. Try

    /r pay JustinGuy 1

    And let me know the exact error (if their is one). Also try:


    to check your balance.
  10. /r works
    /r pay works aswell hope i helped