Hay People

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  1. Im Defender (Friends Can Call Me The Jackster Or Jack)
    Im 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Work Fo' MOJANG
    I Have The Role For UPDATTTTTER
    Watch Out For MinecraftsHottest He'll Hack Chu
    Yes, I Have An Iron Man Skin, YEAH BAIBE!
  2. I doubt you work for Mojang...

    Anyways, welcome to Empire Minecraft! Make sure you ready the guide section of the wiki!
  3. I don't see any hay people.
    hey man.jpg
    So I found some for you.
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  4. Welcome to the Empire :)

    1. Doubt Mojang has 14 year old employees.
    2. I'm Iron Man. End.
  5. Welcome! Not to be rude, but I really do not believe that you work for Mojang. Also, this 'MinecraftHottest' guy is most likely to be banned if he hacks us - we had a similar scenario earlier today with someone pretending to be Notch, it really didn't end well, and it'd be pretty bad if the same thing happened to your friend.
  6. I don't think having a link to other server as your home page at profile is a good idea.
  7. Heeeeelloooooooo and WELCOME TO THE EMPIREEEE!!! :D
  8. Welcome :')
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  9. :D Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
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  10. What a coincidence.. I work for Mojang too! ;) Welcome anyhow
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  11. Oh really? I doubt you work for Mojang. I want to see the Mojang cape.
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  12. >Watch Out For MinecraftsHottest He'll Hack Chu

    I really doubt that

    Anyways, welcome to EMC!
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  13. First impressions count, a lot. Just know that. :) Also, I suggest finishing the tutorial, its not that hard. I mean, for someone who works at Mojang, you must have incredible skills. Lets see them put to use. :rolleyes:
  14. Welcome. But don't work to hard on updating minecraft. ;)
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  15. 14 year old working for mojang, while I highly doubt that I am happy to welcome you to the empire and I expect great things from you :).
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  16. Great and Welcome. You dont work for Mojang >.>
    What happened with this "Notch" guy yesterday??
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  17. Why won't this guy reply to us?
    This sounds very dodgy...
  18. Welcome to the Empire, though I highly doubt you work for Mojang. ^_^
    Because he doesn't work for Mojang.
    Then people would ask to see his Mojang cape ^_^
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  19. Some people come onto the forums once, post, then are never seen on the forums again. Not every member is active on the forums you know, right?