Having two spawn points in your Res?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kilmannan, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Fairly simple suggestion:

    You can /res tpset as normal and /res vtpset which is where your Visitors will spawn.

    This means you can leave your visitor spawn wherever you want it whilst you move your own spawn around to make your life easier as you build, etc.

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  2. I love this idea. One for the shop spawn, one for my house ;p
  3. Well Kilmannan, I think the system that we have is ok. To have 2 spawn points would cause more problems for the empire. (Also, more conplaining :p) But in the mean time, it's a good idea, But i don't think the people who created these commands would listen of your request.
  4. this would be a great idea, i cant count the number of times ive either gone to a res and spent 5 mins finding the shop, or ported in and been locked in the house unable to reach the shop.

    actually clan, you'd be surprised at how open about new changes justin and jeremy are.
  5. Lol, this is the third (maybe forth) time this oprion has been suggested, I do believe Justin may have it in his list of things to take a look at for the future. Importer is correct, Justin considers most suggestions, and having discussions such as this is a good way of seeing all the pro's and con's of a proposal.
  6. This is on my list of things to add this year :) But as usual I have a big list and am working through it as fast as possible :)
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  7. Personally, I really like this idea, but I think there is an easier way to do this:

    Using the "New Sign" plugin (implemented by none other than JustinGuy)

    I believe it would be easier to allow one PORTAL (with a sign attached) to teleport to another PORTAL (with a sign giving permission).

    Now if you are confused I will go into depth:

    Say Leowaste, for example, wanted one teleport to his house, as well as one to his shop, he could have his "/res tpset" at the spawn of his shop, and inside the shop a PORTAL is placed. On the PORTAL is a sign (saying Leowaste), this PORTAL will now teleport one to his "/res tpset", but we don't want that. So, Leowaste adds a PORTAL in his house, and on this PORTAL is a sign (Saying Leowaste 1)this allows PORTAL (1) access to teleport to PORTAL (2). With this system implemented, you could have various PORTAL's each teleporting to diferent areas of your residence.

    Tell me what you think!
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  8. I do believe this may be similar to the way teleports are setup in zombes mod pack. It could be a quick way of teleporting to shops, and i could see the benefits in something like this being setup on a notice/advertising board like the one formally at spawn point in town. The only downside I see to this is the number of signs wanting to be placed on a popular shop like leowastes would be huge, and players would have to return home first every time they wished to visit certain people/lots.
    I would make good use of double spawns though, being able to work on secret project away from curious eyes with a spawn poin close, while still having privacy from visitors spawning at another place on my res.
  9. Well if this does happen, I will defently give it the green light. :)
  10. Great idea! Just set one up for my shop and one for my house and BAM! Epic telepotation time! :p. Lol, but seriously this is a great suggestion!