Have you made a plugin?

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  1. I'm currently developing a grief protection plugin. I'll post some updates as to how it turns out. But, have you ever made a plugin, or do you plan to one day? I've been using Java for 2 years, but have been on/off with it. Now, it doesn't hurt brain as much anymore. I've been here coding for the past 30 minutes, so i'm getting off the computer now :p
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  2. I would like to know how to make plugins, is there anything i can go to to see how i can make them?
  3. My plugin making knowledege is well... abysmal...

    Here's the amazing coding for the changes I made to residence for my test server (uses CommandHelper coding thingy and is the most advanced I can do):
    /v [$p1=''] = /res tp $p1
    So yeah...
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  4. This told me how to make a base, and i'm using a few other of his tutorials to help me:
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  5. What did it do? xD
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  6. It made /v [number] do /res tp [number] like on EMC. It was annoying me that I couldn't use it there :p
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  7. Which file did you edit? I want to try it :p
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  8. I used a plugin called CommandHelper to create it (made by the creator of WorldEdit) and just added that to CH's config.txt. It's not a way to make public plugins, only internal ones and couldn't be used to create complex stuff, but it's basically a good way to remap commands to do what you want. I setup a "End Challenge" thing too, where it would spawn a dragon, clear your inventory and give you a kit of items and heal you, just with the command /fluffy.
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