Have the Auction thread not show in 'Latest' section?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by kilmannan, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. It's getting a bit annoying seeing the latest thread activity section being filled with Auction threads again.

    Can that sub-forum be removed from that update facility?
  2. NO i love seeing this
  3. Why?

    It pushes out the other more interesting and sometimes important threads. Who cares if an auction has had another bid? If you've bid on it, you'll be keeping an eye on it anyway.
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  4. Justin has said that when he has a little bit of time (he has a huge list of plans) he will look at putting the auction updates in a separate section from the other categories. Now it will just require patience on all of our parts. I know Justin is a Java/Minecraft god, but even he has his limitations.
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  5. because i dont only see auctions, i always see different threads about anything and everything, every now and then the auctions will only cover up half of the recent topics and i like auctions, also most of the threads aren't all to important
  6. They're obviously important to their creators, otherwise they wouldn't be there.
  7. true except for the troll ones, also doesnt that make auction threads important?
  8. They're important, but there still should be a separate sidebar for auction posts. That way kilm is happy AND I can see them all in one spot.
  9. i agree with that but till them they shouldnt be removed
  10. Yes, and if I'm not happy the world burns. :oops:

    The solution Edumnd's mentioned sounds like the way to go about it though, so looking forward to it, as currently the entire Latest bar is full of Auction threads. :rolleyes:
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  11. I think I asked for this solution the second auctions were sanctioned. The auction threads are just noise to me, as I don't care about them. I sure hope they are removed from the "normal" latest threads list soon.
  12. i care about them:)
  13. Fine, so let us have a separate "latest auctions" function and let those of us who don't care avoid the noise those threads make! :p
  14. That's what I propose.
  15. yes i know im fine with that but till justin has time they should stay :)
  16. If Justin doesn't have the time, he won't move them. Which means they would stay.