Have questions about proving items for shop

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  1. i want to start my own shop and provide people with tons of items to make it easier on them to play. i really would enjoy playing minecraft in the way where i can provide the items people need. my question is how do people get spawn eggs. how can you produce on to sell.
  2. To start, you can either capture two animals in the Wild by right clicking them with a stick which costs 200r as I recall. You could get a couple from another player. After that you can breed them as needed.
  3. first thank you for your help. second yes i have a lot of animanls but how do i make them eggs to sell?
  4. Right click them with a stick. It's free in town, but 100r each in the wild or wastelands.
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  5. thank you so much i appreciate both of you guys help. it worked.
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