have an fav shop send it to me

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  1. Hi guy's i am Dun da DUN da DUUUN zinroy so i have been looking for cool shop ieads send me yours if your is good... OR GREAT... show me it please and yes i will copy it so dont be mad;)
  2. 11456 10040 10030 all on smp5 i think these r good shops
  3. thanks guys ill will check them out exept diamond viper what server was it on
  4. SMP7 14141
  5. SMP6 COD4HOOGIE, type in his name followed by a 1, 2, or 3 with a space.
  6. by the way please don't promote yourself that's not nice.
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  7. Thank you Alexschrod. by the way i like your name long but AWESOME.