have a Question about the Cemetary

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Glavith, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Is the Cemetary for retired players, Iam just trying to figure out how one gets a tomb stone?
  2. The one on smp1? If you're talking about the one on smp1 its for banned players

    EDIT: There may be retired ones...But I think its banned
  3. i asked that but, someone tried saying there was not a white list ban, i was wondering if it was bans tho, cause would make sense.
  4. A long time ago folks that were banned from the empire were put there. I belive Dark Liz use to keep it up. I'm not sure if any one has added to it. Something that's fun to do if your board is /p (player name) and see why they were banned.
  5. The graveyard is no longer kept up, mainly because our numbers of banned people (and how fast they were getting banned) made the side project take up more time from other, more important moderation duties. When EMC was at its full traffic, the ban rate would have been impossible to keep up with.
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  6. I do hope they update it. And have a marker somewhere saying who the first person banned was.
  7. Why make a memorial for the first person ever to be banned? Thats like killing your arch-enemy and then place a memorial how much you liked him.

    That sounds a little controversial
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  8. It wouldn't be a memorial it would be more like a victory because they got rid of the evil people who can't follow the guide.
  9. Thanks all for clearing that up. The concept was really good. I could see were it would be an issue to keep it up. But, prop's to who ever designed it, it look Amazing.
  10. I mean like having a little marker on it, like a redstone torch.