Have a PSN? Play FPS?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by VinXians, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. If u like playing first person shooters (MW3 or BF3) PM or comment your username to me and we can play together sometime!:D
  2. I have a PSN but the only thing i play on there is borderlands 2 and skyrim
  3. I play some, not much.
  4. Skyrim FTW even though I play it on the Xbox
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  5. I have a PSN but I only play Battlefield 3, Homefront and i'll be playing Borderlands 2 soon. I have borderlands 1 on steam and it's awesome.
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  6. I am waiting for a flame war between Xbox and PS3 players.
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  7. nah i think were all well rounded individual's who have better things to do then argue about what is better and what is not. All im going to say is that each system has its advantages and its downfalls.
  8. I like games on xbox and PS3 both, but PC has much better games like Minecraft. Yes, xbox has Minecraft, but it's only on 1.8.1 and has limited terrain generation.