Haters, *sigh* are gonna hate.

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Do you hate it when you're being insulted?

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Yes, it annoys me A LOT 6 vote(s) 85.7%
No, I'm ignorant to it 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Hello Everyone! I've noticed something... many people hate on me for correcting them for swearing and etc... and I would like for you to not hate on me anymore its only to keep YOU from getting banned and to keep the empire clean (Moderators do that very well but I try to help :) ) So yeah everyone I hope you have a nice day tomorrow or in whatever time zone you're in Goodbye :)
  2. Hey all you can do is try.Someone got mad at me cause I was joking around how they needed to watch their language after they said "wtf".
  3. Hey guys, if you catch someone swearing several times over and they insult you when you tell them to knock it off, you can always use F2 to take a screen cap of their vulgar chat and send it to one of us... just remember to be polite and mature about it. :)
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  4. Theres a big fifference on saying "wtf" as in a common used term to ask "why something happened that way?"than direct insults, public swearing, unreasonable use of explicit language, and direct or indirect refference to somene while making one of the previous comments.

    While its close-to but not the same...

    a) "Damn man you are dumb for selling that diamond @ 100r"
    b) "Dude, f.... u... are you an idi...t? wtf are u thinking? selling a diamond @100r?"

    Same message, diff connotation; while A i guess is completelly permissible B could get you a fair first warning and furthermore a permaban if you keep repeatedly doing it

    And ecto... as your title says.. haters gonna hate... but rule and respect enforcement are well seen by our fellow "worthy" members as well as by moderators and admins, either way, in teh end Its the Interwebz! who cares if someone hates you over a game ;)
  5. I would give a warning for both, calling another player "dumb" is just as bad as yelling swears at them.
  6. Oh well, i guess it all depends on the player who's being targeted by the comment; For me "dumb" wouldnt be so harsh and i can totally bare with it, on the other hand, as example B.. that i'd totally DO NOT tolerate

    Guess its the diff culture? some frenchies, like me... have a bit more of a thick skin than others

    But rules are rules, and thus gotta be followed
  7. Yeah, different cultures. That's the internet, it's global. I discovered I need to be more careful with sarcasm, some people don't get it and think I'm being mean when just teasing.

    calling someone dumb for selling a diamond for 100r isn't very constructive though. They might be new and not know average prices. Better to say, "You probably wont sell it for 100r, most diamonds are sold for around 35-45r" or something like that/