Hate the Nether.....(video)

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  1. I made a random video, that unless you have 11min of time to waste, you will be bored. Needless to say I hate the nether and I suck at audio levels with fraps.

  2. I agree, I had some scary moments yesterday with them too :p
  3. Haha very nice
  4. Aren't we just glad they are working again?
  5. Mhmm.. I detest those hounds, more than any mob I've met. I'd rather have a mini-boss harass me every 10 mins.

    Sometimes you get 1 hound, which isn't so bad. But the number of times I've been balanced precariously on a ledge of netherrack somewhere above some lava, busy trying to shoot the ghasts that like to spawn every 5 mins. And some hound somewhere i can't see howls, and next thing you know there's 8 of the ...... things rushing at me pushing me around all over the place. They're so fast, they sometimes glitch around my screen in even small amounts of lag.

    Seriously the most annoying deadly mob I've had to deal with. Aaaah

    Anyone know the spawning mechanics of these hounds?
    If I light an area up, will they still spawn?
    If I pave the area in slabs, will they spawn?
    Are these things going to infest my nether base no matter what I do?
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  6. I have a phobia of the nether on EMC
  7. ... omg.. i'm desperately trying to continue work on a group project, as well as my own. And I'm hating the nether SO bad. And it's all due to nether hounds.

    I'm fairly confident Aikar will be nerfing them at some point. Once complaints go over the limit of tolerance by Aikar/staff. So keep passing on your experiences of the nether and hounds. Be is positive or negative. :) Aikar will find a way to change them to be more fun, and less hassle.

    In the meantime, I have developed strategies to deal with it, and keep myself from going berserk and destroying the nether in my wrath. I simply do my job, and jump to another server when things get to out-of-control. So I currently have 2 nether projects on two servers, and 2 overworld projects on two other servers, and 1 End project.

    I've also taken to encasing small nether projects in a 'box' no bigger than 40 x 40. To protect from spawning mobs, especially hounds and Ghasts.

    If anyone has any confirmed info on how/where hounds spawn, i'd appreciate it. So I know how to protect an area from them.
  8. Boxes are my strategy. Also, slabbing. Slabbing definitely works. Light does not. If you tower up, they are helpless, and easily sniped.
  9. I was cringing during a lot of the video. I was expecting that you were joking when you said I would be bored and that at some point you were going to die a horrible death. You should invest in an Ender Chest and a Silk Touch pick. I like to put all my loot in it periodically or when I am about to do something risky.