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  1. So in a couple hours, I will have my first year finished on EMC. While I was checking the page I noticed another special event (at least to me). I just reached a 100% Post/Like Ratio ^^ This means on average I get 1 Like on each and every single of my posts ^^


    So even though its a little stupid ;) If anyone has a decent question, go ahead, maybe I can share some knowledge XD
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  2. Congratulations on one year!
    And what is your favorite past-time? (No Video Games!)
  3. I guess you mean what was the best time of my life ^^ In this case, it will probably be my exchange year in montana. Playing cowboy for a year was quite entertaining ;)
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  4. Why brought you into Minecraft?

    And 427 post's in 1 year? I got 5k xD
  5. Yes, well I just broke a thousand and Thursday's my 500th day. So cut him some slack :p
  6. I guess you mean what brought me here. It was a friend of mine who brought me here. Back when Mc was still in the classic stage.

    About the amount of my posts. To me its very important to do as much relevant posts as possible. I think thats also the reason for my high like/post ratio. Without trying to offend anybody here, I guess many people misstake a forum for a chat, making it impossible to follow all of it. So thats my way to try improving the situation :)

    (This post is an exception, as it is not REALLY relevant ^^)
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  7. Just made the ratio even again :D
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