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  1. Definitely a rip-off of a certain thread, but that one wasn't trademarked, so hooray for capitalism.

    Probably won't use this too too much, but hey, let's hear it for thoughts!

    "'Hope' is the thing with Takis"
    But by Hashhog, not Emily Dickinson

    "Hope" is the thing with Takis –
    That lounges on my soul –
    And raps a tune that isn't music –
    Because melody isn't cool –

    And sweetly Mountain Dew he tastes –
    But simple is the job –
    That could scare off that little brat –
    Who only works at COD –

    Yet I've heard this generation –
    Will save the world for me –
    And climate change he'll throw away –
    With one last shout – "Kobe!"
  2. It's as if Robert Frost has been reincarnated as a meme lord...
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  3. I know it doesn’t rhyme but all the cool kids say yeet these days