Hashhog's Hide and Seek

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  1. Hashhog's Hide and Seek
    So recently mman2832 gave me this idea. Basically, every week or so I'm going to go hide somewhere in the Empire. I'll post a screenshot of my view from hiding place. :) Then whoever tags me first gets a small prize, usually from 1-5k. Anyway, let's start now. Here's the info for the current round! :D






    If you find me (I'll usually be AFK if I'm hiding) just private message me and go stand next to me. Note that you must be touching me for the tag to count! :)

    I'll stay at the spot for the listed time. If nobody's tagged me by then, I'll reveal my location.

    Happy hunting!
  2. Interesting position, Hashy Boo... :rolleyes:
  3. Congrats to FDNY21, who connected right after I posted this, found me, and won 2500 rupees. :) Can't wait to play again later!
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  4. This seems cool... too bad I didn't see this.
  5. I'll try to give more notice in the future so people can expect it. :)
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  6. Plot twist; Hash wasn't hiding.
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  7. :eek:
  8. Expect one of these later today. :) Just a heads up.
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  9. Oh gosh, I forgot about this. Sorry, all. :( Hiding now, the prize is 2.5k! :)
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  10. Congrats to karatekick2001! I was in The Pit on SMP4, for those wondering. :)
  11. Wanna give me another 2.5k? :D
  12. Onetwothreego! Remember, you must touch me to earn the 3,000r prize money! You have thirty minutes!
  13. Congrats to PenguinDJ3 for speedily capturing me! See you next time!
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  14. Haven't done one of these in a while. I'll be doing one later today, and I'll be waiting a bit longer. Prize will be 5k and a hashhog3000 head. :)
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  15. I am now hiding! See the op for my view. Note that you may NOT horse-glitch to get to me, and anyone caught doing this will be disqualified. This one is a bit tricky, which is why the prize, 5k and a hashhog3000 head, is slightly larger. :)

    EDIT: I lied. Prize is 8.75k and a hashhog3000 head. :)
  16. Congrats to BubbleNinja13 on finding and touching me! See you next time! :)
  17. I am starting this back up again! :D I am currently hiding somewhere on the Empire. Remember, touch me to win the small prize! If I am AFK, take a screenshot of us together and send me the picture over the forums. :) Enjoy.
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  18. Congrats to bimbobyoo for locating me! I am getting a head for him now and have paid him his prize rupees. :)
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