Hashhog3000: A reintroudction

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  1. It's been about 450 days (a bit less) since I joined the Empire. And I've changed quite a bit, so here's a full reintroduction for those who don't know me here. :)

    I hadn't really been able to find a good server. Every other server had a problem: Too much chat, an unescapable beginning area, unfriendly people, etc. Then I saw an ad for EMC. I decided to give it a try, and it ended up being the best server I've ever set foot in. I remain here to this day, as you can see. :)

    1. Yes, hashhog = hashbrown + hedgehog
    2. When I first joined, I seriously considered being very stingy with likes and follows.
    3. I have been a diamond supporter before.
    4. I do not currently have any alts.
    5. I have a specific purpose for all ten servers, but I have the LEAST reason to be on SMP7.
    6. I am not good at PVP. :p
    7. I tend to be a bit of a pack-rat, so it takes a lot of courage for me to sell items. :p
    8. I've never had a shop.

    Well, I haven't accomplished much. :p I've made friends and had some good ideas, but most projects had failed. My head museum is almost ready to be opened up, though, so that's good, and I've succeeded in getting my own Fragements before. :) I've also killed a Marlix and a Momentus in my lifetime, though the Momentus was kinda cheap because I just kept shooting him. :p However, I have some big plans for the future!

    I plan to create a Survival Center on my first res to teach people to survive, an EMC Museum and official home on my second res (an especially unique museum it will be, if I dare to say so myself), a shop/hotel on my third res, and a horse store on my fourth res. I plan to finish my Indigo Resort at Rainbow Butte, make my own outpost (Ophidia Cliffs) and keep on working on the 12 months of farming. Other than that, only time will tell! :)

    Well, that's me! Hope you enjoyed, and see you ingame! :)
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  2. The accomplishments seem a lot like me. I have huge plans, but they never end up finished.

    Anyways, thanks for the intro. I like reading things like this. I love knowing the community and not just their names.
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  3. Same here. :) I like to get to know people.

    Anyway, I actually killed a Momentus for real today! :D It would have been super amazing if I hadn't died halfway through and lost my god sword, which kind of put a damper on things. Ironically, I didn't even die to the Momentus... I backed into a cactus while getting ready to eat a piece of Shiny Flesh. :p
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  4. Oh, hash :rolleyes:

    Nice to see those fun facts, I actually did not realize your name was based off of hash browns and hedgehogs. Interesting, I really like hash browns :)

    I can't wait to see what you do in the future, and remember, no more backing into cactus!
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  5. Glad to hear you died from a cactus and not momentus :p
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