HardCore Run!!!

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  1. Alright, I have started playing :)
    Here's a little dairy:

    Day 1
    I spawned in a Plains Biome.
    I heard a few pigs, and went to collect some wood (there was a forest next to me).
    When I had enough I started building on a Wooden Tower.
    After that, I started a Mine and found some coal.
    When i got up I saw that it was almost night :(.
    I chopped down a few more trees and went back to the Tower, since it was night.
    I crafted a Stone Sword and a Stone Pickaxe, then I went out to find some food.
    After a while, I started to starve...
    I rushed home as fast as I could, and came in time to cook my 4 new Porkchops.
    It was close to daytime! Nice! :D
    I went out and collected a few sugar canes that I saw close to the Tower, and I also found a small cave with some Coal.
    After going home again, I started to make a farm.

    Day 2
    I completed the Farm, och went out to search for Pumpkins.
    But instead I found a Village with a ravine next to it!
    The night came quickly.
    It was a wild night, with lots of Monsters.
    There was no Iron Golem :( in the Village, that i named CarnaDy.

    Day 3
    I killed the last monsters.
    Then I went away and found pumpkins close to CarnaDy.
    I collected them, and it was 8.
    I looked away, and, in the distance, and saw something strange...
    I went that direction, and after walking a few blocks, I saw it.
    It was a Jungle! Yaaay! :D
    I collected a little wood and 10 Jungle Saplings, then I went home.
    When I came home I started building a place for my Animals to live.

    Day 4
    I completed the Animal-Place, and then went mining.
    I mined, and mined, and mined even more.
    Suddenly, I found a cave!!! :D
    I ventured trought the Cave, and found some Redstone.
    I pushed F3 and saw that I was at y: 12!!!
    I started a strip mine :)
    Later, with a lot of loot, I decided to go home.
    It was nighttime, and I choosed to go to CarnaDy :).
    Upon arriving, I saw that there were no monsters here. Yay!
    I walked around the Village, thinking about creating a Wall to keep monsters out.
    All of a sudden, I heard a hissing noise...
    I quickly ran away, wanting to survive the Explosion of the Creeper.
    I got lucky, it didn't explode.
    I killed it fast, and it was sunrise.
    Ah, so beutiful....
    Oh well, I decided to go home to the Tower :).
  2. Why did you link me to Darkwellor's thread?
    I'm not going to use one of the seeds from there :confused:
  3. Well huh.

    Anyways, try this: "Vyers"
  4. Try "Holland" I think its the best 1.7.3 seed best 1.1 seed and best 1.2.3 seed :p
  5. Cos it's the same question. :)
  6. Alright, the Seed is Picked!
    I will soon write my progress in the HC World here =)
  7. Day 1-4 released!