HARD Parkour

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  1. Need some testers for the nest few hours to try my parkour out

    Visit 18474 on smp9 and follow the teleport enjoy !
  2. I shall try it out. Since i've been looking for a new one recently.
  3. I shall try... My computer has been devoid of hand-slap prints for a while. Haven't parkoured in a while...
    Kidding, :p
  4. I'll have a go, gotta love a bit of rage inducing parkour! :D
  5. Rage inducing is a understatment

    Update: New Prize added to 1st tester to finish bring 1 dirt to buy your prize at the top
  6. Prize is now 20! to 1st person to finish, no one has even gotten close !
  7. After almost 5 hours we had a winner
    Wipple4 walked away with 25k for being the 1st person to beat my parkour.

    Many thasnks to bigdavie for helping me watch out for rule breakers and advertising ! you da man BD
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