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  1. Has any one else heard of happywheels? if you did not know its a flash based physics game where you have to drive a character down a player made map. it does have a little blood, so may not be suitable for all but give it a try

  2. Yea a LITTLE blood. :rolleyes:
  3. Whats your best map atm? I like "North pole run"
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  4. Weapon throw cannon
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  5. Can you share that map? I like the irresponsible dad the most..
  6. What do you mean share it? Just go to happy wheels on the website, hit browse levels, search "weapon throw cannon" and its the 3rd result down.
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  7. Th irresponsible dad is antastic. Haha I've been playing this game foooooor about 1 1/2 months now (almost since it came out) there is a button to throw your kid off the seat (horrible I know) but I forget what it is.
    and really? A little blood?
  8. Is that not the Z key?
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  9. It may be all I remember is a was biking through a level and accidentally hit a key I didn't mean too. Next thing I know my kid is in a giant meatgrinder thing
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  10. Yes you guessed my fav. I alwasy watch PewDiePie when I get bored. ( he plays happywheels and cusses at the same time, so flipping hilarious ).
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  11. Thats where I found the game, ah the power of youtube
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  12. Sword throw FTW :cool:
  13. I found it through...... interwebs...
    I've been playing since there was only one character. Wheelchair Guy
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  14. I remember playing Happy wheels a few years ago, then stop playing, and now addicted again.
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