Happy Veteran's Day

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  1. Happy Veteran's Day to all who have relinquished their civil liberties, their freedoms and risked their lives to protect those Americans who may or may not appreciate what we have done for them. Remember, we do this for the safety of ALL generations, just as they have done before us and will continue to do long after we have left the service or this world... This is extended to military, police, fire fighters, and medical persons. This country is free because of our combined sacrifice, not the persons who have a personal agenda and use us as their pawns.

    I had intended for everyone to see this Toast that was spoken at every Tag-in/Tag-out ceremony at the Lizard Lounge in Enrique Soto Cano, Air Base Honduras by the members of 1-228th Aviation Brigade. I served a 1 year tour their from August 2010 - August 2011. The most amazing, humbling and eye-opening experience in my entire, and current, 6 year military career. It goes as follows: *Knock your 1-228th AV Coin until you receive your shot* Once all members have received their shot, *Raise to toast*
    "To Fallen Comrades: Past, Present, Future; 1 Team, 1 Fight! Winged Warriors!"
    *slam shot glass*

    This was part of our tradition in the 1-228th AV. The entire Tag-in/Tag-out process can never be fully appreciated without actually participating. This Toast has been around since the original inception of the 228th AV in ~1987 - ???? This will carry on in spirit forever.
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  2. Amen Brother! As a American citizen my band and I marched to the tune of Anchors Aweigh(in honor of the local navy heroes).
  3. Wonderful! Glad to see that others in the Minecraft community are either Veterans and/or willing to show their appreciation of what we have done collectively for the nation and most of the world.
  4. Yes, I have much appreciation for all the people who let me sleep at night. Also my Uncle is a major in the military(army branch). He is incharge of telling the tanks where to go. My other uncle is in the Air Force, he flys the Apache(sorry if i spelled that wrong). He used to fly chunooks(again, sorry if I spelled that wrong,you know what I mean:D).My granddad fought in WW2 on battleships in the Philippeans. My granddads brother fought in the Veitnam war.My other granddad went to West Point and he trained very hard,but he was never selected to go to Veitnam.
  5. My only question is how is it that your other uncle is flying Army helicopters? The AH-64 Apache and the CH-47 Chinook are Army equipment. The Air Force has a modified version of the UH-60 Black Hawk, however that is only for their medical teams as far as I am aware. The Air Force fly jets. Possibly your are confusing your information. I am not calling you a liar. I just believe you are mistaken. :)
  6. No he went to the Air Force Academy to fly jet,but he later changed his mind and transfered to army helicopters. With his full education and high ranking in the air force, he was able to do this. Sorry,I should have told you that. And he is not my uncle(I gave you wrong info), he is my moms cousin(so basically my second cousin,but it seems as if he is my uncle b/c I see him alot. His picture was in USA Today last year with him sitting in the cock pit with his helmet on and in full gear. I'm not aloud to show you this picture b/c my mom won't let me reveal his face unless he says it's ok. I always go Black Friday shopping with him at like 4:00a.m. to get new TV's, game systems, ect.He is a great second cousin!
  7. Right on. This is an option I was not aware of. I have only worked with the Air Force in a joint environment while in 1-228th AV but they were a part of an Air Force unit. They handled jet refueling and lab testing. The Army handled the helicopters. :) As well, most of my time has been spent in Afghanistan with Army pilots, not joint task forces. I understand the privacy decision, not a bad one honestly. It is the internet after all. :)