Happy Veterans Day

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  1. In Colorado we have a lot of air force bases. I can see the United states airforce academy from my back yard and then there are 2 more bases less than a half hour away from me. I have some family in the military and we have military and retired military in our EMC community. Today we honor these people for what they have done for us. They put their life's at stake to keep people they don't even know safe and these are people who had to leave families and experience situations that appear in our nightmares. These people are the bravest and brightest that our country has to offer. Thank you retired vets and active service military for keeping us safe.

    P.S. Don't start a political flamewar.
  2. Nice post Olaf
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  3. In the UK it's called Remembrance Day but it's very similar to Veterans Day. We had a 2 minute silence in school to remember those who sacrificed their lives for us by fighting for our country to save us, the future generation. I would like to thank anyone on EMC that is out there today or have retired, whether they're from the UK or not, for keeping us safe. :)
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  4. Here we got a day off of school (I am using to procrastinate on do homework)
  5. Happy Veterans Day to everyone! You all be safe out there.

    My Dad served in the Marines for 30 years and I was in the Air Force for 6 years.

    So I'm a Marine brat and Vet. lol :p

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  6. With you on that one too. We had two, two minute silences because we are cool like that :p

    But in all seriousness, thanks to all of the veterans past and present, and may those who gave their lives be forever in our hearts.
  7. :p I hope you all know why Veteran's Day is 11/11... :3
    No hints in my profile at all.
    Anyways, a lot of my cousins are in the military, but since they are active on base, they are more on the east side of the US. I actually sent a few letters to them for Veterans' Day.
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    On this Veterans Day, thank you for all who serve or who have served in the US Armed Forces.
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  9. End of WWI
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