Happy Thanksgiving

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JustinGuy, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I just wanted to wish a happy Thanksgiving, even if you are not in the US :)

    What is everyone thankful for this year?

    I am thankful for our first child that will be born the beginning of January :) Also it may be cheesy but I am thankful for the fun and awesome community we have here :)
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  2. I'm thankful for all the friends I've made on this server.
    And for the friend that showed me it.
  3. I am Thankful for being able to go to two different schools at a time, that will bring me to a great job when I start and finish college. Also, congratulations Justin, do you know if it is a boy or girl?
  4. Skype. This amazing program has kept my marriage going strong even though I am geographically separated from my family.
    Minecraft. For giving me a creative outlet.
    The Empire. For giving me a community where I feel appreciated and can contribute my knowledge and apply my ideas.
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  5. i am thankful for a epic turkey dinner....the roof over my head and the beginning of my college career. :)

    oh and thankful for minecraft and the empire as well!
  6. I'm thankful for God for helping keep me on the right path and keeping my vision open. While some "not so good" things have happened in my life, they have all lead to a greater cause, and he helps me see that with each event. All of the events in my life have led to me having the friends I have now. I'm sure years back when Justin and I randomly met in a game of TF2, that neither of us thought we'd be running the greatest server to a game that didn't even exist yet. :)

    I've recently become unemployed due to a lack of work, but I'm seeing this as a good thing, as I'll have more time to work on making the Empire better. :)
  7. Lucky. When I first got married I was away at sea (Navy) for almost 10 months, with very rare email access.....
  8. My first marriage crumbled because of my service... I was gone for BCT, AIT, PVOC, Afghanistan from Jan 06 - Feb 08... There was a 2 month time period "together" but short lived. Mostly it was verbal abuse and neglect. I do not miss it. I grew from it, however. Plus, I came out on top in the new marriage contest. :) I actually learned to love being gone with the first one... I have learned to dread it with the second one, because of immigration and actually being in love... :)
  9. I am thankful for my life. I have been through enough to claim this prize. Every day is the first day, for the rest of my life.