Happy or Sad? [Game]

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Happy or Sad?

Happy :D 2 vote(s) 100.0%
Sad D; 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. This game is called happy or sad.
    It's a weird game, but funny to see.
    How to play:
    Tell a story, then ask the question "Does this make you Happy or Sad?"
    There once was a Brick in Brickington.
    A Heavy rain covered him one day,
    making him mad. He got mad enough to turn red.
    And that's how a clay brick got it's color.
    Are you happy or sad?
    Quote or answer the person above you,
    Then make one for yourself.

    Here is mine to start off:
    There once was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly everybody died. The End.
    Does this make you happy or sad?
  2. sad

    There once was a chicken, he got eaten by a cat. the end.

    Hapy or sad?
  3. Sad cause hes so ugly

    Story: there once was a guy. He was a happy guy. He could have had anything in the world. But he chose one girl. That girl betrayed him because she thought she wanted more then he had to offer. Now the guy is left with nothing. And she has a donkey boyfriend now. The End

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  4. Sad.
    A giraffe was found to be convicted of several crimes in the States. He claims he didn't do it.
    Happy or Sad?
  5. Sad. There once was a banana, a farmer picked him off of a tree. He was so happy to be off the tree, but then he got eaten THE END.
    Happy or Sad?
  6. Ninja'd.