Happy new year 2012! Free rupees + community survey

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  1. Happy new year to the entire Minecraft community! Even though EMC is less than 6 months old, we had a great start in 2011. Everything we have accomplished was made possible by YOU, the community. I know that I get a lot of recognition and praise for everything but truthfully I am just an organizer. All the updates and improvements you see are a direct result of input from the community, so the credit goes to you. It is also important to recognize the staff for the countless hours of moderation, and all the supporters for keeping us running financially.

    So let's all pat each other on the back and enjoy a free 250 rupees. This gift will expire on January 3rd at midnight ET. Also please tell your in-game friends who may not check the site.

    >> Click Here to Receive the Gift <<

    A lot of people are wondering what's next for EMC. You tell me what's next. I have created an end of the year anonymous community survey. We did one of these back in August and a lot of great ideas and feedback came out of it. This was the most important thing I used when planning the last few months. So if you want your voice to be heard now is a better time than ever.

    >> Click Here to Take the Survey <<
  2. Free Stuff FTW!
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  3. Wow 250 will go nicely with my projects :). Piston lighthouse here I come!
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  4. Happy new year to EMC community and i wish an especially happy new year and lots of happiness to our EMC moderators and admins, thx for a great server guys and gals :D
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  5. Happy New Year!!
    (Don't Drink and Drive...PERIOD!)

    Hope everyone starts the new year rockin!!

    Special thanks to the Empire Team!

    Thanks and Cheers!
    Kia <3
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  6. Happy new year EMC
  7. Thanks guys!

    A pleasure to be a part of it, glad I can do my bit by supporting. Looking forward to the new year here at EMC!

    Happy New Year to you all!
  8. I took the survey. :)
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  9. Happy new year!
  10. I would really like to thank all of our staff for being so amazing. You have really all helped build something so much more than just a game world here. We have a real working community that people can be emotionally involved in and that is extremely rare in this age of free to play MMOs.

    Thank you everyone (especially supporters) for giving us a happy place to relax and spend our free time!

    Happy New Year! I hope that Empire Minecraft has many more successes this 2012 :)
  11. This is great i hope the Empire flourishes.
  12. i took the survey! nothing below 4! thanks guys!
  13. Our friends from Down Under and continental Europe are already in 2012, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS :)
  14. The Empire is awesome, and that's not a biased opinion because I'm a moderator. No, I've tried a few other servers and they weren't very good at all. Nothing comes close to this server!
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  16. Wow, over 50 responses to the survey already! I am having a blast reading them all :)
  17. lol my the shortest one there :p Dont have time to type one out.
  18. I want to thank the staff and the players for being so helpful this year, most importantly, i want to thank Justin (and Jeremy) for making this all possible!

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  20. Only 5 more hours for me! Happy new year to all and to all a good 2012!