Happy Mother's Day!

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Mother's Day

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    Today We celebrate an important date. Mother's Day. For many of You out there, this date is not only a simple date. But a really important event in Your lifes. But also, Sadly as it sounds, some never met their mother.

    Throughout the years of my life, I've met hundreds of people who Didn't had a mother. And It is hard sometimes not to have one. I just wanted to tell You that, every mother in this world deserves respect and compassion. If You haven't met Yours or don't get along with her, remember that whoever or wherever she is, remember that she is still Your mother, and as such, She deserves respect (although I think everyone deserves respect).

    I'll leave a nice poem for You people. Enjoy this Mother's Day.

    The Love of a Mother

    The love of a mother is unique.
    It feels our hears,
    Understand our minds,
    Wash our tears away,
    And bright our days.

    Sometimes I'm like the moon,
    My mother shines at Me
    And I turn My back to Her.
    But she always come back to Me
    To confort Me,
    To hug Me,
    To simply be there for Me.

    The love of a mother is unique.
    Uniquely lovely,
    Uniquely refreshing,
    Uniquely wild,
    Uniquely natural,
    Uniquely universal.

    Mother (mʌðə) a. A female or thing that Creates, nurtures, protects, etc., something.

    I hope You have liked the poem, and I wish You all a happy Mother's Day!
    By the way, don't forget Our favorite mother of all! Mother Russia! :D Mother+russia+meme_d07b96_5372106.jpg Just Kidding People.:p
    Vladimir Putin Not Amused...:rolleyes: