[Happy Halloween] Drop Party Oct 31st 9:20pm EST

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by EroseYT, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. BOOOOO! Happy Halloween everyone! I will be hosting a Halloween drop party at 9:20 pm EST on smp 1 res 534. It will be much smaller then my last drop party (which lasted 2 hours :p). But if you are bored on Halloween like myself come and stop by to party!
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  2. Happy Halloween Erose.

    My friends ditched me for partys, so ill be spending Halloween with EMC! :D
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  3. 20 mins from now?
  4. party in about 10 mins :)
  5. I'll try to be there :eek:
  6. Thanks everyone for coming! Hope you had fun. Happy Halloween!
  7. Twas awesome halloween Drop party!!!!
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  8. Awesome drop party, thanks! :)
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  9. Had a great time, thank you Erose. :)
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