Happy EMC Bday Deathtomb! (Loot from Drop Party of the Century)

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  1. During Deathtomb's EMC Celebration 1 Million Rupee Drop Party which lasted over 2 hours I amassed a ton of items which I am going to list/show below. We had a great time all 180+ of us on the server and would like to thank Deathtomb for his generous gifts and contributions to EMC up to this point and continuing further on. P.S.: Feel free to post the goodies YOU got at the Partey!

    Heads -
    Deathtomb x 2

    Enchanted Books -
    Respiration III x 2
    Sharpness III
    Knockback II
    Protection III Power II
    Bane of Arthropods IV
    Unbreaking III

    Bows -
    Flame I
    Power I

    Swords -
    Knockback II Bane V
    Knockback II Bane IV x 2
    Bane IV
    Bane IV Fire Aspect II
    Sharp IV Knockback II Fire Aspect II

    Picks -
    Eff IV x 2

    Limited Edition 60k Member Items -
    Big Daddy Helm

    Prize Books -
    10k - Deathtomb
    15k - GameKribJim

    Survival Update Gear -
    Marlix Leggings

    Items -
    84 Villager Eggs
    Assorted Mob Drops
    2 Zombie Heads
    Assorted Building Materials
    13 Emeralds
    62 Diamonds
    91 Gold
    638 Iron
    Diamond Horse Armor

    Potions -
    6 Zombie Virus
    5 Speed II
    2 Regen
    5 Fire Resist
    17 Instant Health II
    1 Instant Health
    2 Extended Strength
    1 Strength
  2. Please don't ask to purchase items though guys xD
    Much appreciated
  3. I got Medal of Honor for steam :p buts thats about it
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  4. I got a marlix helmet, some diamond picks and 3 stacks of iRon blocks plus more
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  5. 0 things
    0 rupees
  6. Better than nothing.
  7. Wait, my head was dropped? :confused:
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  8. origamijoe donated one
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  9. ah, okay, guess he has enough lol
  10. I couldn't believe how long it went!

    Thanks guys it was fun to see so many players in one place. I couldn't stay the whole time so I didn't score anything huge. I think a got stack of ice and about 30 shiny flesh. I'm sure I got a diamond or two and some other nice gifts.

    So much generosity! Let me know next time and I will donate a few chests of items
  11. I was really happy when I got a book...but was not a code book.
    Then I got a book and quill and was hoping, but not a code book.
    Got a couple of enchantment books and shiny flesh! Couple zombie virus potions!
    Then I got a really cool Donkey with over 100%, and it was named.
    Even got some gold ingots, endereyes, and other misc stuff.
    Almost got a beacon, but so many people ran to stand near it, I did not get it.
    Had a blast and appreciate the stuff I got.
    Thanks Again Deathtomb!!!!!
  12. keep an eye out on the events page ill be hosting more not as big but more
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  13. Death anyway you could sign a book authenticating the heads and prize book the next time we are both on?
  14. It was a great party, though I can't say I got anything of real value. I did get some gold horse armor and plenty of diamonds, though!!! :) Sadly, I didn't get any heads, which to me are the real goodies.
  15. I didn't stay long after the bug reboot but thanks deathypoo :) Happy 1 year :D
  16. yeah i felt like adding you head to the fun, hope u didn't mind, Also donated the big daddy helm and a treasure voucher, some other goodies, and lastly lots of doors hehe. BB got your head and the helm. I wonder who got the treasure voucher that's some good item there.
  17. I too wonder who got my safety helmet and book
  18. I remember someone saying it in chat if you dare look around the chats on square.
  19. Ooo, I bought it in the humble bundle, but still haven't played it... :p