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  1. Hello everyone today, April 9th was awesome! Today I went on an easter hunt witch is weird becuase I am older. But the eggs ALL had money and them and my amily said one of them had a 1 hundered dollar bill. So I got it and ended up with 146 $! Tell me how your Easter went :) :p
  2. Well, I will tell you one thing that happened me:
    I had a birthday last Friday.
  3. Also, don't you mean April 8th? =/
  4. Yeah sorry
  5. Church, candy,eat,sleep,play minecraft repeat
  6. well, wake up, have breakfast, have my dad ask me and my bro who can scoop the most dog poop (which was like our easter egg hunt. i hope this isnt a tradition :D), and went to see "the hunger games" :D
  7. Family lunch Friday, worked all Saturday, cleaned the house on Sunday. It was a pretty good weekend (minus the work bit). Bit of chocolate here and there, some good food, talked on the phone a lot to a special someone and played a LOAD of Minecraft. All up, pretty awesome :)
  8. I did the same post this morning and no one replied D: I am now sad :(

    A LIKE o.o what for?
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  9. she liked you yah yah yah, she liked you yah, yah, yah, she liked you yah, yah, yah, yaaaaaahhhhh :)
  10. My Easter weekend involved working 16 hours friday and getting no sleep before working 10 hours saturday. Some glorious sleep, then 8 hours of work on sunday followed by family dinner and then home for minecraft and tv. All in all not a bad weekend.
  11. It was a pity like... hha, just kidding!