Happy Birthday Twitch1

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  1. Oh, why thank you Twitch1. I hope you have a wonderful 25th birthday.
    Sucks that your taxes are going to be absolute garbage this year.. Investing turned out to be a bad gig for you, huh?
    Yea, well whatever. Blanca will be home to me soon, so not totally stressed out but the mania is over and the depression is back. :( Time to take a happy pill... (Tequila shot)
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  3. Happy Birthday! Getting old ;)
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  4. happy birthday
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  5. Happy birthday man. Remember, if u can spell the liquor ur drinking then u need another shot!
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  6. happy birthday man! I hope its a good one for ya ;)
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  7. Happy birthday mate, take a few extra happy pills for me :)
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  8. Happy B-day
    Why do I right B-day
    Cant I just write correctly
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. Happy 25th man hope you have a good birthday. Take a load off
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  10. Happy Birthday Twitch and many more!!

    25! Hmmm..old enough to know better, but young enough to get away with it!!! LOL

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  11. Happy birthday, hope you drink all the shots i will when i turn 21 :p
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  12. Yeah, drink all my shots too!

    ..oh wait
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  13. Thanks everyone. :) Shameless self promotion, I know but I got a nice ego boost from all the kind words.. Have to save doing all those shots for the weekend... :)
    Me and tequila have a very special relationship, most of you know this. haha
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  14. Not joking, on my holiday over new years I was tricked into doing a tequilla suicide.

    My mate asked me "Hey wanna do a tequila hardman? (same thing as a suicide. but I did not know that at the time)" I was all "what is that man" I was pretty wrecked by that stage anyway :p And he kept saying "You'll find out when you do it, i'll do one if you do one!"

    So eventually I said, "yea ok"

    The salt gets put onto the counter and at that stage I was like "OH MAN!! what have I gotten myself into" XD

    So any way, I plucked up the courage, and snorted more salt than neccessary, drank the shot, and squeezed lime juice into my eye.

    Lets just say, I am never doing that again haha

    This was one of many experience I had at my first night out in a bar :p
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  15. Well, see I like the taste of tequila... I drink my Jose Cuervo shots chilled. No lime or salt. :)
    Also, we call that a Chuck Norris.. :) Snort the salt, shoot it and eat the lime...
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  16. Happy b-day! sorry for the late post! Hope you had a wonderful day!
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  17. I wish I could say it was a good day... However, I had an intense episode of Mania for about 3 days, but it crashed and spiraled into severe depression last night... I have bounced back somewhat since seeing my doctor today at 1430 but I know that sleep will elude me again tonight....
  18. The best way to drink tequila is with friends, a Jose Cuervo is a nice choose, maybe a silver version (idk how it's called over there) and put some salt + lime juice (in your mouth, not your eye xD) and drink a full tequila glass (not a normal glass, tequila glasses are little for god sake :p ) also drinking it while eating some meat at a BBQ with friends is awesome :)

    you can drink a full tequila with like 6-7 friends in 1 night :)

    My uncle teached me that ^^ not by experience maybe?
  19. Yea, its got a different name all around the world :)
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  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWITCH! i hope you love being 25!
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