Happy Birthday Empire Minecraft!

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  1. Okay guys, it's official! The Empire has turned one, a huge achievement! It's been 365 days since it opened it's doors to everyone and ever since it has, it's been a amazing community run by amazing people.

    I've seen Justin say that this one guy said we wouldn't even last a year. Well, to that guy: look where we are now.

    All I can do is say thanks to Justin and Jeremy since they started and run the Empire, to all the moderators who keep the Empire a safe and fun place to be and, most importantly, the community here since it's what makes EMC amazing.

    Share your memories here and say Happy Birthday. But most of all, it's time to PARTY!
  2. Love it!
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  3. Is there a party at the SMP1 Cake? And how could I have missed that video? D:
  4. Not quite yet, I'll start when I can get on a laptop (it's 6am for me).
  5. It's 11PM for me.... I might not be able to make this. :( But I'm on SMP1 right now if you can get computer access in 1-2 hours!
  6. AMAZING!Happy Birthday EMC!
  7. Happy Birthday EMC and may there be many, many more! Also, the end of the video made me chuckle :p along with Mystul's pun
  8. Yes I love it :D
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  9. LOL, I loved the ending...
  10. Lol i hope copher sees it XD Great job Jack!:)
  11. happy birth day and my birth day is in 4 days! :D
  12. Hehe, I just had to do it after the fuss he made. I would love to see his face if he did! :D
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  13. If you're reading this, come on over to 612 on SMP1 to join the party! :D


    My brother who plays on his server says he's shutting it down, to take a break.
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  15. Btw, if I got a screenie of you saying Happy Birthday but it's not in the video, it'll edited into the OP when I can.
    (and while you wait, feel free to post your own :D)
  16. 1 year? well golly gee that really is great.
    no thats not sarcasm thats what i call old speak.
    and since in server years this server is about 120...
    minus 120 from 2012...
    and voila! 1892! a very jolly good time it twas!
    now i suggest that we all speaketh in such jolly tones and open a cask of our favorite brew: mixture of stalks gathered from the pit of hell and fine cane sugar, imported to here london to sweeten our fine beverages and give us a nice payoff when we sell it for a ridiculous markup!
    cheers to minecraft empire's 120th birthday!
    now i must flee, as my dirgible is almost out of the dastardly gas 'helium' and needs a nice topper before i head back to the new world to end my festivities with a nice flame rocket in the back of my estate.
    farewell kind sir's and beautiful madame's!
  17. I'm starting a drop at 612 in a few minutes, feel free to join us! :)
  18. :O its emc's b'day...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMC :D
  19. Happy birthday Empire Minecraft!!!
  20. I LOVE EMC :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D CME EVOL I