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    Hey guys! :D
    My birthday is coming up on oct. 11!

    I will be hosting a drop party (1283), skin comp (+fan utopia or 5761), firefloor(+fan on utopia or 5761), and maybe a ice boat race!

    I will be hosting it Oct. 11, 5pm EMC Time! (4pm CT)

    Make sure to pm me on the forums or in-game if you have any questions!

    Hope to see you there! -card

    Donation Chests at +fan(5761) on utopia and 1283!

    (Lots of promos btw)
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  2. Can't wait :)
  3. you know I will be there! -BQ2003
  4. Can't wait! Happy early birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday :)
  6. Happy Bday! I'm going to report this post, so staff can move it into Public Member Events. :) Community Discussion doesn't seem right for this thread. Good Luck with the preparations. And make sure you put it on the events calendar for more notice. :)
  7. Thank you ^^
  8. Set up Donation chests at 1283 and /v +fan on utopia! :D
  9. Dont expect any presents...

    I gave ya the iron vouches already.
    And thanks for the sheep head i guess.

    Ya frog
  10. Spent almost 200k on this... I hope lots show... If more than 30 come i'll drop a iron supporter :D
  11. Under breath* better not be the iron supporter i gave you *brings iut knife*
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  12. You are selling the extra ones
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  13. Shhhhh
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  14. Thank you! :D
  15. Sorry to be a barer of bad news but Iron Supporters can't be dropped. Happy Birthday by the way. I'll hopefully come and give some presents etc.

  16. Happy Birthday Cardman! I'll be there! :)
  17. I won't be able to come sadly ( thanks school ) But happy almost birthday! :)
  18. Happy Birthday! You can count on seeing me there! :)
  19. You can't drop them from your inventory, you are right about that. However, they can be dropped using droppers.

    As for the birthday: Happy Birthday! I can't attend to the event unfortunately, but have fun all!
  20. Happy birthday!! Unfortunately I have cross country practice after school so I can't come :( But I'll be on later to give you your present!