Happy 300 days, EMC! Thanks to the staff and others.

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  1. So, I just wrote over 500 words about this, and I hit the back button. So, I'm going to try again. Sorry if you're name is not included, staff.

    JustinGuy - You're always there for us, the EMC community. You're awesome coding skills and activity are what keep this server alive. You never cease to amaze me with how much you, even with all your real life problems.

    IcecreamCow - You're fun and a nice Admin to have around. How many other servers have an awesome Admin, that stays active on forums AND in-game? Probably several, but ours is the best. Because that Admin is you.

    Green_Mystery - You always seem to have a joke on hand. You keep things calm, never letting griefers and the like win. You keep everything here fun, and although your lady friend has taken up some time, you still leave some more time for EMC.

    Aikar - You always have things smooth and clean, not a spot anywhere. Apparently, you're helping Justin code, and we could all thank you for that.

    Maxarias - You're fun-loving spirit always keeps everyone joyful. With a flashy pink skin, one of our favorite Moderators is back in Green!

    Crazy1080 - You always seem to be willing to lend a hand to anyone, no matter who they are. Although you haven't been able to get on lately, everyone wishes for you to come back.

    NurseKilljoy - You always come on the servers whenever needed, and everyone seems to love seeing you on. You're building skills NEVER cease to amaze me, NKJ.

    RObbiejo - You're attitude always has everything going the right way. You're always under control, and always solve problems faster than anyone. We're lucky to have you here.

    EdmundWayne - You always seem to be there when needed, like Superman. Can you fly? Anyways, you keep everyone happy, and care about EMC as much as any Admins.

    Twitch1 - Although IRL problems have slowed you down, you still always brought a laugh, and made sure everyone did what was right.

    Malicaii12 - You always know what's happening, when it's happening. You'll be one of the first to jump ahead and help everyone.

    shaunwhite1982 - Last, but CERTAINLY not least, our one and only Senior Staff Member. You always know what to do, and seem to solve a problem like it's your daily routine. You're such an enjoyable friend to everyone here.

    Thanks to everyone on EMC, for keeping us alive and well. For now this is what I wrote. I'll some more non-staff members soon.
  2. Sorry for those who were not included. I'll add some more later.
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  3. 300 days is big, congrats everyone, now lets get 50,000 members :)
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  4. That will be on heck of an accomplishment.
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  5. Yes, the staff is an amazing group.
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  6. Looks good,And Well,Cant wait until 50,000 members :)
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  7. You're about 52 days late, but whatever.
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  8. ? It hasn't been 352 days of EMC yet...
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  9. If you go from July 25, 2011 it has. What date are you referencing?
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  10. The Empire Minecraft servers. You, Justin, Green, and several others joined 300 days ago. I assumed that meant it had been 300 days.
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  11. Epic fail yankees epic fail the server IS 352 days old
  12. Technically Justin "joined" two days after the first server was launched, meaning he has been a "member" for 350 days. I've been here for 328 days.
  13. Ah. Sorry for everything.
  14. The /p feature was implemented more than a month after the server launched...
  15. Just because you got the dates mixed up doesn't mean the sentiment isn't still valid. Besides, you can do it again in two weeks for the first anniversary.
  16. Well this is embarrassing for all of us
  17. Ya know youre talking to a senior administrator? He used to be one

    Its aus btw
  18. Why would that change anything?