Happy 1st Day of Spring!!

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  1. Hey Everyone! Yes, today is the 1st day of Spring & I'm so happy it's finally here!! I'm from the Northern part of Ontario, Canada and all I can say, is I'm glad winter is finally over. The warmer weather will soon be here & I'm so looking forward to the flowers blooming, the birds chirping, driving my car with the sunroof & windows open & enjoying the sunshine!:)

    Who else is happy that Spring has finally sprung? :cool: 2014-03-21_0001(pp_w649_h550).jpg
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  2. I was only excited for the solar eclipse that happened in Northern Europe today :p

    Autumn, winter and spring are basically the same thing in the UK - the only difference being that my dog (and most others, lel) sheds her hair in spring. Oh, and flowers and trees bloom for whatever reason, even though its still freezing cold and rainy.

    Summer is the only season that makes a difference. It gets to 25 celsius and everyone starts to die of heatstroke... :p (when it gets to upwards of 30 celsius people go on fire)
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