Hand Drawn Texture Pack

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  1. Saw this on Reddit, was definitely worth a share.
    It's far from finished right now, but it is looking promising :)
  2. Woah, it's really awesome, has a nice cartoon-ish style, different from everything I've seen.
    Let's hope it gets finished soon :D
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  3. This looks pretty darn good. When its finish I am SO getting this!
  4. AWW YISS. I saw this too and have been waiting for it to come out xD
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  5. This does look promising, I might give it a try (well, when it's out :p) ;)
  6. If people didn't notice, it is available now, with the few textures that it has.
  7. Feels like I'm playing don't starve :)
  8. It would be cool to see chascarrillo or someone else from emc try to do something like this... I'll give it a try when it's complete.
  9. Where can it be downloaded?
  10. On the very last image, it's in the description.
  11. I like the mushrooms. I also like the way everything is all cartooney
  12. This looks great, the resolution must be huge, let's hope my laptop won't die from this.
  13. It's 256x
  14. This is officially in my top 3 texture packs, even with it not complete. I was worried he gave up on this since it was a while with no updates.

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  15. the list goes like this right?

    2. This one
    3. Default?
  16. That latest album is only from two weeks ago, sadly, it's heard to keep up with updates as only posts them to reddit, no Planet Minecraft project or anything.