Hand-crafted Pyrotechnics..

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  1. Are handmade firework unlimited use on EMC or will I set off the first ever fireworks I have made in minecraft and have 2 seconds of fun and then be sad.. :oops:
  2. All fireworks are unlimited, give me a sec and i can link you to aikar's post about it. EDIT: Here =3
    Fireworks have been modified in EMC. In an economic viewpoint, they are ridiculous as you could potentially be shooting 20,000 rupees into the sky for a 3 second effect.

    Therefore, fireworks have been given an infinite use "rule" on EMC, meaning using them in dispensers or by hand will not consume them. When you buy a firework, you are buying the ability to launch that specific firework. There are thousands of possibilities to create with colors and effects, so many to collect!

    Fireworks can not be sold using traditional chest shop means. A new feature has been added to Shop described below to assist in selling them, which I will explain below.

    Fireworks have shown to not cause much of an annoyance factor, but they have been limited to require 'use' permissions to launch on another person's residence.

    Please do not leave Automated Firework Launchers running 24/7... Do them for events only then turn them off. If found running them 24/7, we will take action.

    We will adjust fireworks as necessary should we find the need in the future.