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  1. Hello all of EMC! So I am in need of help, I have lost interest in minecraft greatly and it saddens me. I have moved onto steam and love playing games on there but I still want to play EMC and minecraft. I need help with ideas on how to want to play again, start a server? Something on EMC? Halp plez :)
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  2. You could try building a store, making a huge melon(or any other) farm, make an outpost in the frontier, get a DC of diamonds or emerald ore, compete and try to win in the EMC games, or do an adventure/challenge map. There are tons of things to do. :]
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  3. I have the same phobia potato, no worries, you are not alone xD
  4. Pretty much everything Nick said, there's no shortage of things to do in Minecraft.
    But if you've lost interest, there's no harm in taking a break and enjoying other things for a while, either.
  5. Or try to look as pretty as Nick. But no one has done that yet.
  6. Seeing as your username. Is flaming potato, throw a SC of potatoes in a fire and see if you get cooked ones, maybe have it as a "cooking party"
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  7. Don't worry potato, I lost interest on MC for 1 or 3 months, but know I am back.
  8. I got the same problem. I'm moving back to zelda and RPGs so what I did was stay away till it has been 29 days away or more if you vote. Then get back on but on single player and play a bit then you'll get back in the grove
  9. I was struggling to stay interested in mine craft but I put myself out there and made some newer friends with people who have just joined and started a large project. I suggest a longer project or goal to set for yourself to keep yourself immersed in the game.
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  10. completely restart. with nothing at all. fresh res and no food, dont buy anything. go out and get evrything yourself. its fun!
  11. Thanks for the advice :D
  12. sometimes we just need a small break from a game to refresh our minds. i know i have done it in the past taken a break from mc for about a week went out and enjoyed the outdoors or whatever there was to do at the time. then i realized it was time to come back XD
  13. haha, ya u can do that too. i had taken a 1 year break from here. but now im back!
  14. Hey, flaming. Let me know if you are still up for that iron farm.
  15. Try collecting 1 of every promo/EMC special there ever was (except the one-of-a-kinds or stuff like that). I made that my mission and 1.5 years later I am still playing and ever so close! :D
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  16. Try getting a mod pack. I got bored a few months ago and got tekkit classic and there has been plenty to do since then.
  17. Mod packs are like a weak shot of adrenaline (you feel a rush of energy and motivation, but it quickly dissipates). If I may offer my input, I suggest many sessions of therapy with a licensed minecraft therapist. They know how to brainwash remind you why you love playing minecraft! Best of all, it's mostly free!*