Halp making a viking catapult D:

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  1. Hi guys
    1 of my projects irl requires me to build a viking style catapult like this one:

    I get extra points if i get mine to shoot the farthest and hardest
    There are 2 modifications i can do and 1 of them it to make something bigger says my teacher
    wut do i modify D:
  2. I loved making catapults when i was younger. :) Unfortunately, I got very good at it... I say unfortunatly, because my parents put a stop to my projects after I put a hole through the neighbors brick wall from aprox 100m away.

    The max range can be hugely increased by adding more tork/spring into the frame of the catapult. Think of it as the entire catapult being one large intricate spring. So you want to use large tight bamboo, or hardwood, and you want to thread a strong bolt through the joints to allow the wood to move a little (or bind it with rope in a way that allows it to bend, but not move a millimeter at the ceter point of the join).

    I'll look for a design that is similar to what i built.

    Warning: They CAN throw a very heavy weight at incredible speed. Strong enough to go through sheet metle and brick walls.
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  3. i trust you ( i did not get anything you said, me 7th grade D:)
    dumb it down plz X_X
  4. Sorry, it would help if i didn't make a dozen typos. I've edited my post to fix gramatical errors and typos.

    I'll look for a design later (when i have time lol). might make more sense.
  5. Actually this design I have to make is only a pencil wide and the frame is supposed to be made of pencils and there is a pen connecting the upper part and lower part together at the end so....
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  6. Ah.. so you want to look up the MIT pencil/ruberband catapult design. It's on youtube.
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  7. your definition fits the project