HALP! internet connection error

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Richard_Gecko, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. so, this has been happening to me through the whole day... every 30mins or so


    im already tired of trying every known (by me) test and check to verify my connecton, calling my ISP, checking my computer for viruses etc... nothing seems to fix it
  2. That's not your fault. The Socket Exceptions are your fault.. I think
  3. I get this error all the time, but it isn't an EMC issue, or indeed even a minecraft issue. The problem for me stems from my ISP, they tend to refresh the connection every 1-2 hours, which causes minecraft and all other Internet based programs to disconnect and reconnect, taking a minute or two each time. The way I tell that it is my ISP at fault is that when I launch minecraft, the launcher won't display any of the version information on the left, but instead shows a message written in small black letters at the top of the launcher window.
    Hope this information helps :)
  4. oh, i never said or implied it was an EMC issue, as it not only happens here but on my own server as well, i always tought it had to do with my Java runtime platform, or something with my drivers and the update on 1.1... i force reset my router, and it hlps for a bit... now it goes 2-3 hours w/o losing connection... but oh well :shrugs: i guess thast how it is and i gotta live with it

    Btw thanks for the help guys,