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  1. Hello everyone, Shalomout here! As many of you know I have played a LOT of EMC but I kinda got dried out on minecraft but I still want to be in the community so forums are the best way to do it!

    So the main game franchise I play is the Halo series and I have been a loyal fan since Halo 2 when I was 6! Crazy right? here is this 6 year old boy shooting grunts and blowing stuff up, I was born to be a gamer

    Anyways I have been playing a ton of Halo 5 recently and currently I am playing competitively for champion rank (top 200 players) in Free for all and I am getting close and chances are I will be at my goal in the next 3 days so that's all fine and dandy

    At E3 Halo wars 2 beta was announced so I have been playing the beta tons recently aswell

    So I want to know if you guys/gals play Halo and if so what games and do you play competitively?

    If you do play competitively let me know maybe we can do some slayer or something! playing with people from empire minecraft would be pretty awesome!
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  2. Come at me! snipers airborne snapshots only!